Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Artist copy final

5x5 Acrylic on hotpress Illustration Board

Here is the result of the artist copy. I had to work fast because of acrylics speedy drying time. I did some slow building but then decided to be a little more brave and go opaque immediately. Lyendecker and Rockwell would have done these paintings in oil so they wouldn't have had to worry about them drying to fast. I am happy with the turn out and it feels good to know that i can work with acrylic in such a manor. I think the most difficult part of the assignment was trying to achieve what C.F. Payne calls the "crisp" quality of Lyendeckers paintings. I really don't know how else to describe it. His paintings have a "realistic" feel but when you look closely the shapes and strokes are very simple. the study of his that i chose to copy was actualy just a sketch! and not a finished painting. which is why you will see much of the underpainting showing in areas like the hat in my copy.

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