Wednesday, September 22, 2010

"My inability to cry"- acrylic and oil glaze- This is the last piece in storymode Vol. 1 and is dedicated to my friend Jeffery Stevenson who left us early this past summer at the age of 21 in a horrible bike accident. Rest in piece homey.

untitled. acrylic

"Nothing lasts forever" Acrylic

sketch in cafe, ballpoint pen

"the hunt" ballpoint pen


"the clouds" acrylic and blue pencil. the fortune says "There appear to be many clouds; but they quickly pass. Lucky Numbers 17,27,24,25,32,38"

Thursday, September 16, 2010

figures in a cafe. ballpoint pen.

head study done in bar. the text below it is a something i wrote about my interaction with the individual who struck up a conversation with me after realizing that i was drawing him. Ballpoint pen

"Wii Party", Ballpoint pen

"Ambrosius", Ballpoint pen.

Storymode Vol. 1

Acrylic painting on left, and drawing done in Buckeye Donuts on right.

Friday, September 10, 2010

Storymode Vol. 1

At the beginning of 09 i began what will some day be a series of moleskine sketchbooks or i should probably say "piece books" which i have given the same title as this blog, "Storymode". The piece book will be daily experiences and art adventures expressed through paintings and drawings. I call it a piece book because i give it a little bit more love and attention than i do my other sketchbooks. The idea came from my childhood of playing many videogames. You start a videogame and it gives you the option of storymode or whatever else. I always prefer storymode. i like being through into an adventure in which i will make new discoveries, meet interesting characters and gain experience! Storymode Vol. 1 is complete, and the following posts are highlights of 2009. Storymode Vol.2 is already a work in progress!