Friday, September 10, 2010

Storymode Vol. 1

At the beginning of 09 i began what will some day be a series of moleskine sketchbooks or i should probably say "piece books" which i have given the same title as this blog, "Storymode". The piece book will be daily experiences and art adventures expressed through paintings and drawings. I call it a piece book because i give it a little bit more love and attention than i do my other sketchbooks. The idea came from my childhood of playing many videogames. You start a videogame and it gives you the option of storymode or whatever else. I always prefer storymode. i like being through into an adventure in which i will make new discoveries, meet interesting characters and gain experience! Storymode Vol. 1 is complete, and the following posts are highlights of 2009. Storymode Vol.2 is already a work in progress!

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