Sunday, December 20, 2009

> graphite on bristol, 14 x 8.5"

This is our second Illustration methods class project, and our first full color painting assignment. We had to write down a list of 5 words randomly, and then when we were done we were told to choose a few of those words and make an illustration out of them. My words were choke, city, and cough. I threw an image of my self in a hometown Columbus Ohio city setting. That's the Laveck tower behind me. The little images coming out of my mouth are supposed to be images of boring suburb childhood life. The whole point of the initial idea was that i would be in downtown Columbus choking on memories of my boring suburban childhood. In the drawing i have: a boy playing video games, a girl trying to sell lemonade with no success, a mischievous looking boy riding a bike, a little girl jumping rope, and a cranky old man at the bottom watering his lawn and reading the paper.

> acrylic on board, 14 x 8.5"

Before i began the painting i decided to mess around with the composition of the image. i through some pictures of the Laveck tower along with a photo reference of myself choking in photoshop. The positioning of the buildings is flipped horizontal. I think this works better, because the diagnoals of the buildings, especially the one cropped off on the left kind of lead you into the figure. I also painted the figures flesh to be much warmer than its surrounding overcast sky environment so that it would pop out more. In the end i took the ghost images that were coming out of my mouth completely out of the illustration. I even began painting them but decided to paint over them because they were to distracting in the image and was difficult to understand for people that i showed the initial drawing too. I feel like i made the right decision. Thank god for prelimary work.

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