Sunday, December 20, 2009

> graphite on bristol, 12 x 9"

This was the first paint project we got in my illustration methods class at CCAD. Some of my friends call it the "fury project". We had to choose an animal and have a human figure morphing to that animal. The whole idea with this project was to get us used to combining multiple references for an illustration. I chose a Ram. 30 or so thumbnails for ideas. Went to the library and found a few images of a Ram with a strong light source. Chose the best one. Took some photo references of myself with my 2Pac Makaveli hoody on and an airsoft pistol tucked in my waste ( i promise its airsoft). Wont post that reference for obvious reasons. I drew the image out on bristol and made a value study. Copied the completed value study (shown above). Transfered the drawing on to cold press illustration board. Blocked in value, wash, paint etc.
> "Ram Life", acrylic on board 12 x 9"

The ram. A powerful and proud creature, looking for a chance to buck at any oppurtunity that presents itself. No particular reason is neccessary, however territory, pride, ego, and recreation are all possibilities. Such is the life of a ram. Such is also the life of a common street thug.

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