Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Here are a few of the sketches i made after the thumbnails for possible logo designs. I did 10 total but these 4 as well as the one chosen below are my top 5. I really liked the first one but it didn't make the cut at the end. I modeled the boy after the main character from Sandlot, using a movie still as a reference. I liked the hat with the big bill that didn't quite fit him. The two in the middle are nice too but they didn't get picked either because i decided that the figure in the logo shouldn't have his back towards the viewer for composition and design purposes. The face is the most important part of the image. It engages the viewer and gives the viewer a human to identify with.

This is the logo i decided on, which i liked just as much as the first one. I kept the big bill of the hat. It creates this nice cast shadow on his face. Hes got big sleeves on, his shit doesn't fit him, his hat doesn't fit him and his bat is almost bigger than he is. This is a Sandlot kid. He is a good representation of the embodiment of backyard baseball. I'm excited to paint!

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